Red: Rise of an Empire

Rebellion has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? And this time, rebellion’s sexier than ever. Red, once again, has blown us away.

Recently rebranded and “red-ifined”, Red Rebellion, (formerly Red Unlimited), has showed us that nothing beats the “Red Experience”—what is deemed, the “ultimate experience”.

Boys and girls, the band has officially launched. There were gasps—whispers and murmurs and of course, a Red explosion.

The event took place at the Gaiety Gardens on Saturday April 9 and attendees who had long awaited this moment, got to see sections, Immortals, Persia, Greece, Athens, Olympia, Delphi, Thebes, Arcadia and Sparta, in full splendour.

Each model was received with cheers of approval—the band had not failed them.

The costumes were bold; audacious. But that’s customary for the band which has years of experience under their sleeve.It was a reincarnation done in style.

The headpieces were outrageous; the accessories boasted detail, and if one was skeptical about playing mas, Rebellion provided all the conviction they needed.

One thing’s for sure, they’re unapologetic, true to their being, and are ready as ever; their behaviour on stage was a clear indication.

And as if things couldn’t get any better, the event culminated with Darren Sammy (T20 Captain), joining the band on stage to do a victory dance, “Champion” style.

But this should come as no surprise, Red after all, is synonymous with the very best.

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