Royalites Xtreme: Heroes or Villains?

This year, Royalites carnival band is bringing you to the dark side. If you want that is.

However, if you have always lived by the books, and frown at the thought of anything villainous, there’s a place for you too. Hero or villain—the decision is up to you.

The band unveiled their look for 2016 and it’s sure to stir up talk. And if you’re a die-hard Royalites reveller, you’ll love this.

“It’s a simple yet interesting fact. Normally around carnival time people portray only one sector or one phenomenon,” the band’s Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.) Kendell “Scady” Eugene said, speaking on the band’s theme.

“If you look at carnival over the years it’s always been one thing. This year we decided why not give both of them their shine? So the revellers get to choose who they want to be. They can either be a hero or a villain,” he added.

The launch took place on April 9 at the Golden Palm Event Centre. An impressive 10 sections were showcased. Gladiators, Gangsters,Che, Pancho Villa, Sitting Bull, Al Capone, Ramses, Pirates, Valkyries and Shaka will be making their debut at 2016 carnival this year.

Sexy or conservative, that’s up to you. And according to the band’s P.R.O, there’s something for everyone.

If there’s one thing you can expect from Royalites Xtreme, it’s a unique experience.

“With Royalites, it’s a different type of carnival,” he reminded us.

“We have really gone the route of portraying a theme that people can see without hearing a name; it’s really about portrayal for us this year,” he added.

And according to him, “If it’s not Xtreme on the road, you’re not on the road.”

From the looks of it, the experience will be ‘xtreme’ indeed. The costumes are distinctive and the band is as well. In fact, the band makes their own costumes every year, something they take pride in.

And most importantly, every reveller is given the V.I.P treatment in the band.

Carnival is in the air. And this year, you get to take on the role of hero or villain—your pick. So what will it be?

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