School is closed and we are not doing anything in the school

Dear Helpline,

School is closed and we are not doing anything in the school for the entire week and when I go, no one from my class is there. The children who are coming,either I don’t know them, or are the ones making fun of me,so I don’t really like going,because we are not doing anything in the school, just play,and my mom says I should go because I am losing my education! How am I losing education if we are only playing in the school!?

Dear Anonymous,

This is a tough situation, but hopefully, it can be resolved. Here’s what you can do: speak to a teacher or the principal about the situation; I’m sure it won’t be a problem, as attending school is not a must at the moment. Your teacher or principal can contact your parent, or request that she come in; they will explain the aforementioned. You can even disclose the problem to a trustworthy parent, one with whom your mother has a good relationship.

Additionally, you can explain to your mother that there are many summer programmes where you can spend your time wisely.

If your mother insists on sending you to school, then you must attend. Here’s what you can do to make it more bearable: spend time in the school’s library, spend time helping a teacher out; I’m sure your teacher would love your assistance. You’ll feel better once you are occupied.

Keep in mind that it’s important to develop tough skin. If you ignore the jeers from your peers, eventually they will get bored and will focus elsewhere. However, if you allow their behaviour to get the best of you, they’ll take pleasure in such, and continue with their negative acts.

In life, we encounter people who try their best to put us down, but the decision is ours—do we give them total control and allow them to bring us down, or do we overcome?

I wish you the best.

N.B, you can also put yourself out there and make new friends. Although it can be intimidating, if you realize someone you’ve never spoken to before is rather friendly, or offered a smile, you can say hello; find a way to start a conversation—don’t be shy.

Best of luck!

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