All everyone can speak of at the moment, is West Indies’ (W.I) victory

Rae Anthony

Dear Diary,

It seems that all everyone can speak of at the moment, is West Indies’ (W.I) victory against England and how proud they are of our very own, Darren Sammy and Johnson Charles. And so it should be.

I have told you this before; I am no avid sports fan, as I, in no way, am able to grasp what is going on (track and field and a few other ‘simple’ activities being the exception). However, what I have always loved about sports is the spirit of togetherness it brings; there is nothing like that euphoric feeling. Not only does it bring people near and afar together, but it provides countless opportunities for individuals, and of course, it is such a great thing when one’s talent is recognized.

Hence, when I came across Facebook statuses berating non cricket fans who had so enthusiastically put up posts congratulating the West Indies, I immediately felt irked as the individuals who had posted these statuses had missed the point entirely.

Sport had brought people together in a way, almost nothing else can. Ill feelings were placed aside—in that moment, all that mattered was that victory, that magical moment; hugs were exchanged, strangers became friends, everything was just perfect in that moment.

I remember hearing screams from a group of individuals a few houses away from me; these sounds, made my heart leap. Though I do not understand the game, I understand the passion it brings.

I remember watching so many videos on Facebook and the reaction was unbelievable—the passion, joy and pride were exhilarating.

And though I did not understand the game, I appreciated what it brought; I loved seeing a proud people.

Why would one not be proud of that? This is an accomplishment. This is recognition for our country, our Caribbean.

I too, screamed when the team won. Because knowing how much this meant to our people, the excitement it brings, that’s all that mattered.

I remember listening and watching Johnson Charles at a live press conference and he was so grateful for it all.

I remember seeing Darren Sammy bursting with pride, trying to find the right words because he was so overwhelmed by the love they had both received. I remember hearing his moving speech; I listened intently. I remember seeing how grateful he was, how thrilled he was that their hard efforts had paid off and I truly felt proud to be Saint Lucian and was so pleased at the accolades they had both received.

This was a crowning moment, a defining moment and that’s all that matters.

With that said, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Take care loves.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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