The Real You

Loving and kind you may be,
Though you look sour and bitter,
Yet you’re cheerful and caring for that’s the real you.
You may appear frail and fragile,
Yet you’re strong and sturdy on the inside,
For that’s the real you.
Your beauty and charm may appear dull and pale,
Yet you still enamor whoever looks at you
For that’s the real you.
The way your eyes impersonate whomever it glares at,
Yet they glow with the depth of universal love,
Casting off stardust as a diamond casts fire,
And they smoulder like embers of a fire in a desert night:
Glancing upwards they reflect the heavens above.
For that’s the real you.
A smile that is not a smile but something much worse,
Yet it shines like a beacon and brightens the darkest day,
With such love and joy and happiness, such dignity and grace,
For that’s the real you.

By: Nel Cooman 

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