Design District

It’s a new trend and we’re loving it—jazz fringe events are no longer viewed as mundane and uninspired, as the side events, or attractions, get just a little bit better every year. And this year, one of the events that showed off this change was ‘Design District’.

On May 5, individuals got to enjoy a day of jazz and fashionat Serenity Park.A live band and deejay entertained the audience with music throughout the day whilst vendors showed off items for sale in their booth. Some (vendors), had previously showcased their items at ‘Hot Couture’ and were hoping to be a hit at the park.

Items on display included elegant clothing, jewellery and cosmetic products.

In a talk with YO, beauty expert and young entrepreneur, Tamica Belony who participated in the event described the showcase as “excellent,” adding that “the support was surprising; I will surely do it again.”

But that wasn’t all ‘Design District’ had to offer. Those who had attended the event were treated to a mini fashion show after hours of entertainment from the live band and the deejay.

A handful of models closed the show, modelling swimwear by local business ‘Rafferty Intimates’. Attendees who were pleased with what they had witnessed responded with cheers of approval, quickly capturing the moment on their devices.

And when the event had ended, many made their way to the Derek Walcott Square for a night of Jazz where they would be entertained by Saint Lucian band D.Y.P (Derek Yarde Project) and Olatunji from Trinidad.

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