People are so hasty to call you out for the bad things you do


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed is that people will be so hasty to call you out for the bad things you do or have done—reprimand you to no end, but will rarely offer you a grin, pat on the back, or give you a genuine compliment when it is truly deserved

It happens at home: the bad parent who feels a special kind of hatred towards their child and who only notices when that child has done wrong. They will yell and ensure that the neighbours hear of your bad behaviour as you are a “bad” child, and are hoping that these neighbours are nodding in agreement.

They never make an effort to read an essay you did, good or bad, and will never say “Great job! See? I told you, you could do it!” when you’ve aced an exam.

Even as an adult, I am still very attached to my mother. When I’ve written a piece I’m extremely proud of, I go to her excitedly, sharing what I have written and I beam as she listens intently. But even after I’ve read it to her, she tells me that she wants a copy, so that she can read every word herself. “Good job, Yazi. That was well written,” she says; “you are so talented.” And I continue beaming till my face hurts. Or sometimes, she’ll tell me that though the article was well written, there were a few errors and she makes a few suggestions and tells me what she thinks I should change.

I look at my dad sometimes, who is so proud of me. He doesn’t say it, he’s a man. (Ha, kidding!) But I can see it in his eyes as he tells someone enthusiastically, “That’s my daughter.” Though he thinks it escapes me, I can see and feel his genuine admiration and that warms my heart.

And that’s what parents should do. Show their children how proud they are of them and scold them when they have wronged. Yes, you deserve those lectures and those belt lashes too. God knows, I deserved them. I got so many. Haha.

But individuals failing to notice good doesn’t happen at home alone. It happens at school, at work and so many areas of life. At school, there is that one friend who continuously, insistently, puts you down. The individual can’t go a day without saying a bad thing or two and never has anything kind to say. Some “friend” huh? If that sounds like your friend, you should call them out on it. And if they’re not interested in changing, then clearly that person does not care about you; you need to find someone else to call a friend.

I’m sure you noticed that I said “Yazi” when referring to myself. By now you’ve probably figured that, that’s what I’m called at home; it is.

I always feel at peace when I’m writing personal pieces. It’s something I actually noticed recently. I’ve felt it many times, but never thought much of it till recently. I could be having the worst day, but the minute I pen my thoughts on paper (not literal), everything is all right again. And so, I love doing this every weekend. Not just for me—I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts with you.

Take care guys!

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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