It seems like everything is going wrong today

Rae Anthony

Dear Diary,

It seems like everything is going wrong today and it is so easy to get discouraged on days like these as everything seems so utterly overwhelming. But if there’s one thing I’ve taught myself it’s the importance of maintaining a positive attitude despite the situations life so kindly hands out to us at times. (See? I haven’t lost my sense of humour; I’ve also discovered, writing, for me, is therapeutic).

This attitude, without question, is one I obtained from my mom, who I have a rather strenuous relationship with at times I’ll add. (She’ll tell you the same!) But regardless of those rough patches, I have always had a deep admiration for my mother. And I can tell you this earnestly. I have always believed that God places us in the right homes. Even those in broken households, because this too, can make you tougher and can lead you on a path to greatness believe it or not. And I am always thankful that God placed me in mine. There I find hard times, fantastic times that are filled with so much love and laughter and words of wisdom that carry me through every single day of my life.

Sometimes I may feel down, but I motivate myself with encouraging, thoughts and I know that God will always see me through.

I think it is absolutely necessary to carry faith throughout life because when we have faith to hang onto, that will suffice. We know that despite how hard life gets, God is there looking over us; He will see us through, even when things get really brutal too. And sometimes individuals lose hope because they refuse to accept that God who is be the epitome of all that is good, will allow them to go through certain situations. But like I’ve said before, God allows things to happen for a reason. He promised that He would take care of us. A dark situation may bring about a blessing. Your situation can become a testimony that may inspire others even though it may not seem that way now; you can become great just because of it.

And don’t believe that just because I’m always positive and always wearing a smile, that I haven’t faced some really ugly situations. I just believe in the power of God’s love.

Sometimes my disposition even scares me. I always pray to God that no matter what comes my way, I’ll have faith even if it’s faith, “as small as a mustard seed.” And God forbid the unthinkable happens—what if something so terrible comes my way—will I crumble? And though I never want to face such pain, if it is in God’s plan, I pray that I will have the faith to get me through.

Life is so scary at times, but I know there is a God. And I always thank God for my mother because she has taught me so much; she is a wonderful woman of God who is destined for great things.

Her faith is unbelievable and inspires me to carry faith, an essential tool in life, no matter where I go.

Thank God for awesome moms!

Have a wonderful weekend loves,

Rae A.

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