A few days ago parents and children of primary schools across the island waited

A few days ago parents and children of primary schools across the island waited with baited breath for their secondary school’s future to be determined. Of course jubilation and excitement filled the classrooms, cars and lately facebook statuses when the good news that their young candidate had been successful and no longer would they(parents included) have to make a trip to the primary division.  The student had made it to their number one choice, or two or three.

While everyone is busy celebrating we have a few students who although they were successful the same amount of joy cannot be seen on their faces because of a false notion that their potential new school isn’t in keeping with the standard necessary for celebration. I watched as many parents fed that propaganda with words of praise for certain schools and the rest, a mere like, if as much.  We are enabling a culture where students will continue to think they are second best or not the best at all because of the secondary schools they attend.

Now before anyone chants down the walls of Babylon for what I am writing here, let’s really take into perspective the reality of what making a child believe that a secondary school not in the top three isn’t elite. We have now taken away any sense of pride that student will have entering the school and also derail their self-esteem as they will now believe that they too aren’t good enough thus causing them to not be interested in striving to be a more productive student.

We often forget that at the end of the five years at secondary school students will be doing the same examinations and that’s where the true test will lie. At the end of your five years, the colour of the uniform and the name of a school will not determine whether you pass or fail the CSEC exams; it will all come down to the competence of the student. So let’s not rob them of achieving greatness by taking their school spirit and pride away before they even have a chance to gain some.

Encourage and commend the child for at least braving a gruelling examination and doing what I am sure many of our parents and grandparents would love to have had…a secondary school education.

Congrats to all our successful primary school readers and good luck in your new school.

Take ya’ll and God bless.


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