Dawn of a New Age Event

Image of Zina Anthony and Tianah Foster

Zina Anthony and Tianah Foster

With the pressures of first year college behind them what can an aspiring lawyer and potential accountant do with their free summer vacation time? Of course finding a job would be on top of the list, but just this once can they…or should they attempt something out of the box?

Zina Anthony and Tianah Foster are cousins who dared to change the entertainment landscape of Saint Lucia Carnival. Prior to them taking the bold step of staging the early morning event Breakout at Dawn, the two gained a wealth of experience taking in other events throughout the past few seasons, but as many can attest to, something was always a miss.

You would think that at their age they would be more concerned with going to the party as opposed to creating the party, right? Well as a wise woman once told me, never judge a book by its cover. So allow this proverb to peruse your mind a little as we introduce the ladies responsible for one of the marquee events to jump-start the carnival month.

The two would soon devise a masterplan to fill thatvoid and as oblivious as they were to the challenges ahead, they successfully endeavoured to give the island a taste of something fresh and new. Under the promotion company name Lunar Events, the two would embark on producing the event Breakout at Dawn. “We went into this event not knowing the amount of work it would take and at first it was a deterrent and we thought we wouldn’t have the event”, Zina informed us.

Her business partner, however, quickly exposed what drove them to continuing with the idea and according to Tianah, “When we thought about the event we wanted it to attract a diverse audience we wanted everyone to have that unique experience this carnival.”

The ladies have truly hit a gem with this event and as first time promoters their numbers really did impress. They have promised fringe events throughout the year with “breakout” event being every carnival.

Now parents, don’t be worried, they have no plans on giving up the books for “that promotion life”.

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