A House is Not a Home

Most people confuse the two
But who wouldn’t do?
Wooden structures, concrete pillars and even skyscrapers too
All of a sudden where you live defines you
Well, this could be a little true
There is only you in a house
Your dog might have a cat to chase down the mouse
Models’ posters cover your wall
Might have the basic “home” furniture and amenities
And it’s not always important when the breadbasket empties
When your cooking gas goes and the rooftop has a few holes;
You don’t care as long as nobody knows.
But with a home
There is a telephone for emergency calls,
Family portraits cover the walls,
Because the albums can’t take them all.
Breadbaskets should never run empty.
At the slightest glimpse if this occurring,
You act on it immediately.
It’s you, your girl, your kids, the family’s dog and the family’s cat,
Chances are there will never be a rat;
‘Cause you would have already placed the pesticides for that.
If the rat happened to bypass the cat and the trap,
There would be warmth
Emanating from the family’s love
Ordained by the Almighty above
There would be joy and laughter
A coming together
Of father+mother+brother+sister
Who can survive any weather.
So which one do you own, a house or a home?
A chill out spot, or comfort zone?
Choose one.

By: Miguel James A.K.A ‘No Face’

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