Live N Colour

Additional photos by PiCastro Digital  Imaging Slu

Saint Lucia has seen many powder fetes, but none like Live N Colour; this experience is one that brings such joy and satisfaction—an almost indescribable euphoria. But this surely, is because of the name behind the event—Lamar Sifflet (Verve), a young entrepreneur known for stellar events.

The event took place on Saturday July 30 and ended at 8:00 a.m. the following day—music to any reveller’s ears. Last year ‘LNC’ took place in the Landmark; this year, Lamar took things up a notch: same location, however, this time around, the event was held outside (near the seaside) as it was more spacious and gave attendees room to free up.

Fist pumping, bursts of paint, nonstop rain, vigorous dancing and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) music (amongst others), made it the perfect beach atmosphere. It was a ‘Kodak moment’ that had to be witnessed and one reminiscent of ‘epic’ party scenes that are popular in contemporary films.

An outpouring of tweets, ‘snaps’, Instagram and Facebook posts told us all we needed to know: Live N Colour was the beach party of the year. Although some lost their phones, whilst others complained that theirs got wet (mine included), nothing could change the way they felt about the event; it was simply phenomenal.

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