Under my Skin: Fallen (pt.2)

You annoy me to the point of insanity,

Drive me crazy most of the time,

Blind to the obvious like you don’t know me,

Sometimes I wonder if everything is alright.

You have me thinking; contemplating,

Should we stay or call it quits,

I would you; you hurt me,

And my heart gets crushed into bits.

My heart gave itself to you before I did,

At first I was lost and confused,

Truth is you really get under my skin,

And make me ridiculously happy too.

We get mad but never for too long,

You’d hold me close even when it’s not cold,

We fight but we always admit we were wrong,

When you think I’m asleep I feel your finger lightly on my nose.

You irritate me to the point of no return,

Make me think if I’m making the right choice,

But you show me so much love that I couldn’t believe,

How you had ever fallen in love with me.

You ask me to dance without any music,

I held you in my arms and you didn’t flinch,

You genuinely care about me and I thank you,

That you somehow fell in love with me.

By: Zhane’ Springer

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