What is love?

A verb yet so confusing,
The moral essence of life yet so deceiving;
Misinterpreted for an experience or feeling,
A generation where love has turned into an excuse for pleasure,
Like a lost captain on the hunt for treasure.
A generation where love no longer comes with age,
Fifteen -twenty year olds fall in love or “so they say”.
But are often left broken hearted to my dismay.
No longer do we consider love as a blessing from God,
But a mere reprobate
Affectionated by ones state of burning desire.
The craving to feel and touch,
They no longer wait for true compatibility,
But are fashioned by society.
We give way to the lust of the flesh and call it love
But is it truly true love?
The deep sensation of love we feel
First came from above.
But we no longer consider our first love
Which is God the Father.
Our love now resides
In the arms of an uncertain significant other,
Lavished and blinded by the (I Love You)s of mankind.
That we disregard our self-worth,
There is more to love than what feels good
Than what pleases the flesh
To Love Is To Know Love,
What is love??

By: Leandra Jn. Baptiste

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  1. Very thought provoking piece. Thank you for sharing.

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