I am addicted to the wrong foods

Dear Helpline,

I am addicted to the wrong foods and it is affecting my health. I want to stop but it seems impossible. What can I do?

Dear Anonymous,

Many individuals struggle with various addictions. Addiction can be tough to conquer and requires the right mental and physical approach. Consuming the wrong foods is easy, as these foods are usually the most enjoyable. However, it is vital that you take the necessary steps.

For starters, get rid of the unhealthy foods that are in your cupboards; you must refrain from purchasing those foods. Remember, “Your health is your wealth”— there is absolute truth in this old adage. What you can do is create a plan. Keep in mind that healthy foods do not necessarily have to taste unpleasant. You can treat yourself to a “sinful delight” if you stick to your plan—some people reward themselves to a snack they enjoy the most, once a month; do not overindulge.

For a better guide, you should visit a health expert. You can also seek advice from health websites and follow health experts on social media.

Initially, it will be tough—the beginning stages are sometimes the hardest. However, it gets better with time.

N.B, instead of consuming junk foods regularly, eat fruits, nuts and health bars.

With the right attitude, you can get positive results; tell yourself, “I can and I will”.

I wish you the very best.

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