Day by the day, our world is getting scarier

Day by the day, our world is getting scarier. The crimes are getting worse and the people (some) are too; they’re vicious, hungry—ruthless.

It’s like one can’t get too comfortable in this world because just when you’re in a state of indescribable happiness, danger creeps on you, a friend, acquaintance, enemy or family member—one was robbed, raped, killed, molested, infected, wounded.

This is spiraling out of control and is worse than we ever imagined.

And sometimes individuals wonder where God is in all of this.  But the Bible spoke of all of this—”and because lawlessness is increased, the love of many will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12). You don’t have to be religious to know the word; you may have heard of it. And some may laugh, and declare it fictional but the word remains.

People, everything the Bible speaks of is coming to past—this is not me preaching, but me seeing; the hearts of some have turned to stone. (People will use evil methods in order for you tofall. Why? Just because you’re successful; just because you’re driving a fancy car. They fail to see how hard some of these individuals have worked for it)!

And it’s not that God has abandoned us in all of this. (Some may wonder however). But God allows some of these things to happen at times because of how wicked some of us are.

But one thing I will always advise you to do is to pray; to keep God in your heart; to read the word and to use the scripture as your weapon. And even when the devil pounces, you know that God is there watching, waiting and will work on your behalf in His timing. Not when you think He should, but when God knows the time is right. “He’s never too late” remember that—even when (unfortunately), death too is a factor.

I believe in the greatness of God and I am not ashamed; I don’t care if others judge me for it. Because at the end of the day, these individuals are not the ones taking care of me.

As the world gets colder, let’s grow stronger. Don’t be discouraged (it is easy to), but you will be comforted knowing that God sees everything and that these individuals who could care less about what they have done to us, will surely regret their actions one day.

Take care my loves and be encouraged.

Sincerely, always,
Rae A.

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