She doesn’t trust me and I think we might break up

Dear Helpline,
My girlfriend and I have been having some problems in our relationship. She doesn’t trust me and I think we might break up. I am 15 and she is 17 what can I do?

Dear Anonymous,
Trust is one of the basic foundations of a relationship. Without it your relationship will not grow. Lost trust is sometimes impossible to regain. If she does not trust you there is not much you can do other than to give it time; avoid doinganything that would make your current situation worse.
If you have not done anything to break her trust to begin with, it’s up to her to work on her outlook. Furthermore, this will only cause her (pointless) heartache.
Keep in mind that sometimes lack of trust could stem from insecurity orhurt one has faced in the past; talk to her about it.

Hopefully you two can resolve your issues.
Also, bear in mind that you two are still teenagers, and that teen relationships seldom last very long—there’s no need to rush things.
Do not get involved in the wrong activities, or get distracted from the important things like school, for example.
Keep your love innocent and have clean fun. The rest will come later.

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