Chloe Peter: Queen of the Hair Game

Image of Chloe Peter

Chloe Peter

As soon I saw her work, I knew that this girl was ‘cover material’.

Meet Chloe Peter, self-taught beautician and ‘killer of the hair game’; this talented23-year-old has been a hairstylist for five years now and for her it’s simply ‘everything’.

In an interview, Chloe shared her story with me—it’s an interesting one.

“When I was in primary school I would always do my own hair,” she said.

“My mom would comb my hair and I would take it out; so I would go to school with one hairstyle, and come back home with another,”a clearly amused Chloe added.

She continued, “I have always been a fan of beauty and fashion trends.I started doing hair through research, observation and practice; I specialize in weave installations, handmade wigs, colouring and extensions.”

For her, the best thing about her profession is getting to express herself, making her clients happy, and being able to change her look constantly.

“I just like the fact that if I want to be a feisty red head today I can be that; if I want a more reserved look, I can get that too—I can switch up my style as I please and I love that. I always say with different wigs I have different personalities,” she added.

And her surroundings always prove to be a blessing; the young stylist derives inspiration from “any and everything,” according to her.

“The ocean can inspire me to do an aqua hair colour and the sunset could inspire me to do a pink, purple, or orange ombre look,”she said somewhat dreamily.

Chloe has done a number of different looks, perhaps enough to last a lifetime.

“I have over 300 pictures on my Instagram page!” the stylist said.

Recently, Chloe attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing, a proud moment for her.

According to the stylist, “I used everything that I learned at college (Monroe) to help grow my own business.”

“Maybe someday I can add a Master’s Degree next to my name,” she added somewhat wishfully.

Chloe who comes from a family of hairstylists, and who lives in Sunny Acres says she wants to open her own beauty studio— it’s her “ultimate goal”.

“I want to have a place where women of all ethnicities and all ages can come in and get everything beauty related done in one convenient location,” she said.

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