I’m not lucky like some people

Dear Helpline,

I’m not lucky like some people. Unlike my classmates I can’t buy the things I want and my mother works so hard to put food on the table. I have brothers and sisters too so it’s really hard. How can I help out my family and make life a little easier?

Dear Anonymous,

I must commend you for your willingness to assist your family. Sharing responsibility in a situation of this nature especially is a mammoth undertaking and not many would do so voluntarily. Your first step, can be seeking after school employment. If you gain employment, you need to create a schedule so work won’t interfere with your studies. This can be tough; however, many others have done it and have survived.

Many individuals who have juggled work and school have gone on to be very successful. Determination and time management is required and is extremely important. You can start your search for employment by going to stores. Side note: many grocery stores hire students. If you are unsuccessful in this area, you can try doing odd jobs or babysitting: look around, I’m positive you will find something. You can also try saving the little you have so that it can grow: start a small business. Think of something you’re good at and try selling the item. (Some ideas: mango in sauce, jam, tamarind balls or fruit). You can also try selling confectionary.

Spend your profit wisely: allow your business to grow. You can even speak to a trusted teacher, friend or school counsellor about the situation for more ideas; you’ll get there. Do not be discouraged. Remember to do your best at school so you can improve the situation in the future. I wish you a positive outcome.

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