‘Papa Diable’: The Devil at Christmas

Papa Diable

Roderick Walcott’s play, ‘The Devil at Christmas’, was brought to life on November 3 and 4 by a group of talented secondary school students—this was a play that had to be seen— the talent displayed is more than words could express.

The play (like the name indicates),took place on ‘Christmas Day’—this was the time period the play was set in. And on ‘Christmas Day’, we got a chance to see secondary school students from Gros Islet, Augier, Jon Odlum, Ciceron, St. Joseph’s, St. Mary’s, Castries Comprehensive, Micoud and Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School in action.

If one thought literature to be boring, this play, or rather, artistic performance, convinced them otherwise.

‘Papa Diable’ (‘Papa Jab’ also known as ‘Flavien’), stole the show. Although the other students played their parts perfectly, ‘Papa Diable’, (played by Giovanni Charles) star of the show, was the brightest of them all—at least the despised ‘Flavien’ who met his inevitable demise at the end, went down after giving it his all.

There were a number of characters; characters included a narrator, policeman, priest, and acrobat who gave memorable performances— impressive stage props proved to be the ‘icing on the cake’.

It was patent that a great amount of time and dedication went into bringing the comical play (a ‘KiddiCrew’ production) to life; the show was worthy of an encore.

“We had our opening night last night but today’s production is really for the Theatre Arts students who have to see a play production for their SBA (School Based Assessment) for CSEC(Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate),” Shakira Roberts Sankar co-director of the play said in an interview with YO!

“Today you had a really big look at Papa Diable, his time on the streets and him coming to the end of his performance; we see the human side to this feared creature for a very long time,” she said.

She continued, “And so such a very significant theme, because we’re looking at a cultural form that is dying  in the country, so it’s something where you want to ignite that passion of culture back into the students and that is why I think it is such a good play that we have put on today.”

But the play wasn’t solely for the students who are required to write a ‘500-700 word document’ (SBA), based on the play later on. The cast put on a repeat performance both nights so that the public too, would get a chance to see the brilliant work of (deceased)local playwright Roderick Walcott performed by a stellar cast.

And after they had performed (daytime performance), students who attended the event got an opportunity to interact with cast members so that they could get more information which would hopefully help them ace their School Based Assignment.

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