I realized I hadn’t played a song I fell in love with not too long ago

I was listening to music last night and after bobbing my head for about an hour or so, I realized I hadn’t played a song I fell in love with not too long ago. It’s an old song, and some may wonder why I consider it a favourite, but what I appreciate most about music is the lyrics—how powerful it can be. And though I am a huge fan of a good beat or musical arrangement, music is more than that—to me at least.

I listened to Popcaan’s ‘Dream’ some time ago, and I was amazed by the strength of the lyrics—how powerful, inspiring and poignant they are. The song encourages individuals, “ghetto yutes”, to keep their head up, strive for the best and to stay motivated.

And sometimes adults may consider songs like this to be ‘noise’, ‘aggressive’ even, but at times the message is strong—the artiste is a voice for those who cannot speak or who are not being heard. (Not literally of course).

Not all of the music is positive, (I can assure you of that!) but the bad does not always outweigh the good. I think people from the ‘ghetto’ can easily relate to these individuals because many of them (dancehall artistes, rappers) have ‘been there’—they know the struggle—they know how hard and relentless life can be.

Alkaline’s ‘WehWi Ago Do?’ too is powerful. (Who knew I’d be sharing Alkaline’s music?!) but like I said, there are positive messages too. Young people, if you listen to these artistes, sift through the music and find the positive ones.

Do not focus on the empty and negative songs—the songs that will encourage you to have meaningless relationships or those that promote the use of guns, etcetera.

Celebrities sometimes get a slap on the wrist, or will receive no punishment at all, but you on the other hand, will feel the burn. And remember if “you live by the gun, you die by the gun”— “what goes around comes around.” We see it happening all the time; open your eyes and see the truth in those statements. A gun will not solve anything—in fact, it will create more problems! If a guy attacks you (in the heat of the moment, THINK because that’s when everything changes—in a split second). Do you want to end up behind bars or worse yet die, because you wanted to prove to others that you are ‘tough’?

There is nothing wrong with being ‘from the ghetto’—use it to your advantage and allow it to motivate you so that you can prove to others that good too can come from those areas.

Look at the rappers and dancehall artistes who got out and who made something of themselves—motivate yourself and tell yourself that you too (if you are talented in this area), can be like this one day, despite how ‘crazy’ the idea may seem. (And when you get there, use your platform for good! Do not promote negativity!) And if you are not an artiste or musician, you can become a storeowner, astronaut, movie director, actor, farmer, doctor, nurse, teacher, veterinarian—whatever it is that you want to be. You CAN do it. Read more, find a positive mentor and be motivated—ensure that you take school seriously and most importantly, pray and ask God to guide you in whatever you do.

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