The Beach 5’s

We have seen various sporting disciplines move from the natural element (playing field or court) to adopt unconventional venues. Cricket, football, and volley ball are just a few of those that come to mind and the beach more often than not is the desired location.

Rugby has now entered that arena!

The sport of rugby moved to the beach last Sunday November 13, as the Saint Lucia Rugby Football Union held the first annual Rugby Beach 5’s. The event, spearheaded by the Saint Lucia Rugby Football Union exposed the exciting variation of the sport to both rugby enthusiasts and sports spectators.

The Beach 5’s

This variation of rugby is increasing in popularity in the UK, Italy, Brazil and Argentina among other countries and the proactive union sees potential in growing the interest among athletes and sports enthusiasts.

This fast paced variety is a scaled down version of the conventional rugby game. It is played in a smaller pitch with lesser number of players, reduced scoring system and shorter period of time. The format required players to be quicker, be multidimensional in their skill sets and in sync with their teammates. The teams vying for the cash prizes were Red: Whiptail Warriors, Blue: Rogues, and Orange: Body Holiday.

According to the Saint Lucia Rugby Football Union the aim of the competition was to break the misconception that rugby is a violent sport. “Unlike any other sport, rugby is more fun especially after the games.” Last Sunday’s competition also broke the gender barrier and also featured a male and female category.

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