We have come to the end of another productive year

Scady PWe have come to the end of another productive, and since I work with Rae, stressful year! 2016 came with many challenges and there was a point in time that it seemed pointless taking on those challenges. A lot of things can seem pointless, when your mind tricks you because it is too lazy to take on a task. That is why in my final “slouch” for 2016 I implore you to fight that little voice in your head that will tell you to keep procrastinating you will have time. Take it from me, the time comes and goes so quickly that if you blink for too long you might miss an entire year.

Now, I am sure you have noticed that we’ve continued with our Annixmas issue where we celebrate our 13th anniversary and Christmas in one massive issue. This year as we mature into our teen years we had to do it bigger than we did last year and as a result we have some yummy treats and prizes for you on our giveaway page, yes one full page of giveaways!

So much has changed in the thirty years that the magazine has been around. Can you believe that we were there long before Snapchat, Instagram and dare I say before the popularity of Facebook took over Saint Lucia. Technology may not be the friend of many magazines, but I can safely say it has connected us to you our readers in a way that the thousands of letters we received before, never did.

Today you guys have us at the tweet of button, yes letters are now just a DM away and we love and welcome it! Our poets club crew, our appreciation can’t be measured and words can’t be used to describe, although I am sure you guys can find a few. I promise in early 2017, we are going to have something very special for all of you!

Since I have to share this page with RAEEEEE, I have to end now but I can’t just leave you guys without wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you guys in 2017 and hey, go easy on the Christmas treats, yes.

Happy Holidays ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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