JeanAtem & RayVon – Ain’t Nothin’ Phony Bout Them

Saint Lucian artistes, more specifically Hip Hop, R & B and Pop artistes, have for years moaned about being under appreciated for the contribution they make to the arts. The most highlighted struggle they faced apart from getting noticed by major networks was getting significant airplay from local radio. We won’t even mention live performances because that came just like Christmas except it was in February. As a result many have sought refuge overseas or on the cruise ships to earn a living as “making it at home was not an option if you wanted to eat.” Someone clearly forgot to pass the memo onto these two freshmen.

So what makes these two new comers to the “game” different? What can or will they do that their predecessors didn’t?

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JeanAtem & RayVon

We caught up with JeanAtem and RayVon, the duo who for the past few weeks have blazed the airwaves with their smash single “Phony”. Their successful blend of youthful voices was enough to capture the listening ear of an audience who aren’t always receptive to the Hip Hop genre as they would be to say, Soca.  If the rule of the game was to make it home first, then they have happily obliged and passed that test. YO! Magazine caught their performance at Hollywood HP’s highly anticipated Beach Mardi Gras event last week and yes, they are hungry and ready.

The two started making music at an early age, working on solo projects before meeting each other through a mutual friend.  After that meeting the two worked together but continued to release solo projects, however, the demand for a collaboration from their fan base was a request they couldn’t ignore for too long.

Together with Eliot Bailey, C.E.O of Lucian Style Music Group, and backed by production Guru Cory Raggie from Airborn Academy, JeanAtem and Rayvon would not only reach a plateau that many have hunted but they would also introduce to the island a new world-class sound. Since they have been together, a little over a year now, the group has caught the attention of the international markets, bloggers and promoters.

The United Kingdom’s The Vibe Guide is just one of the many audio magazines that have featured the duo’s music on their YouTube channel exposing them to markets far and wide.

The two have a keen sense of how competitive the music industry can become and seem to have the perfect antidote. An inspired JeanAtem was adamant that they aren’t interested in competing with anyone to become number one, rather they are willing to work and put in the required hours needed to better their craft to reach that summit.

The subject of an album was one that pleased us as RayVon revealed that the album “When the Summer Dies” was already in the works and a total of approximately sixteen tracks have already been recorded. “The album is abstract, diverse, sexy and most importantly different.”

JeanAtem and RayVon vow to continue making music for the masses and promises that the best is yet to come. Their singles Spend Time and Phony are both on heavy rotation on the most popular radio stations and Phony’s music video is about to crack thirty thousand views.

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