Only in December

Only in December
Does Magic comes
Filled with gifts of love
Ham and cake and wine
To start the smiles that turn into laughter
Ringing for miles like Santa’s bells
Only in December
On starry clear bright nights
Where lights compete with twinkling stars
And wishes are wished and do come true
Only in December
Where wealth is shared
And hearts are blessed
With a Santa in every home
Putting presents beneath the tree
And carols are sung in every room
Only in December
Do the masses amass
For midnight mass and midnight parties
And families near and far are sure to meet
Only in December
When the year begins to end
And man and God are sure to age
And resolutions are made for a brand new age
Where prospects are high and shining bright
Only in December
Does Christmas comes
For Once a year like all else
To fill our hearts with love and joy
Peace and happiness
And dreams of snow
With prospects of breakfast at Tiffany’s
Like the movie shows
Only in December
Does Christmas comes
To celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

By: Aleah Charlemagne

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