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Christmas is near and we are loving it; hands down, our favourite time of year. The music (the ole time carols, contemporary pop hits, ‘parang’ and that sweet, sweet Lucian soca and ‘kaiso’); the decorations, the festive feeling in the air and the food—those succulent, delectable dishes and treats and their heavenly smells which can (temporarily or even permanently!) cause us to get along with that ‘annoying’ aunt, uncle, or cousin of ours.

And this year, you’ll have ‘So Yummy’ to thank for those restored relationships. The business has been in existence for about a month now and is doing incredibly well—Saint Lucians have welcomed this ‘baby’ with open arms and are ensuring that she blossoms beautifully.

Image of Francheska “Franny” Solomon

Francheska “Franny” Solomon

The brainchild (and beauty!) behind ‘So Yummy’? Francheska “Franny” Solomon—yes that peppy, (sometimes firm!) honeyed voice that you hear on weekday mornings on Blazin FM: “The Station for the New Generation.”

The business specializes in unique edible arrangements: I call them “delicious bites”. Francheska does fruit bouquets, fruit platters, you name it—she does it all. And she does cakes as well. Trust me; I’ll be placing my order soon.

And this Christmas, Franny will be ‘cooking up’ some special treats—fans can look forward to an edible Christmas tree amongst other things. (And to think we included an edible Christmas tree on our ‘Recipes’ page! Talk about coincidence!).

Guys and gals, you don’t want to miss out on the fun. Franny will be performing random acts of kindness not only this Christmas but year round. (She’s generous!) And if you’re interested in getting these scrumptious, yummy delights, you’ll have to do so A.S.A.P because the orders are coming in by the minute. And though she is constantly on her toes, this ray of sunshine is not complaining one bit; she is ever thankful.

Says Franny: “‘So Yummy’ is my baby and I just always want to continue to give and make people feel good and if by me putting together an edible arrangement makes one person feel good then I’m satisfied; look out for ‘So Yummy’ especially this Christmas and Valentine’s Day.”

She added:  “I want to shout out all of the ladies who are running their own businesses; it does take a certain amount of courage, effort determination and time.”

Btw, a lucky reader will receive something special from ‘So Yummy!’ See our ‘Giveaway’ page for more details!

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