Star Wishlist

A few of our local stars shared what they’re looking forward to this Christmas. Money? Designer bags shoes? World peace?  Find out below!

Image of Latoya Lewis

Latoya Lewis

Latoya Lewis, Make-up expert and Singer

2016 was the year of growth and development. I started my hands on make-up class which was new to Saint Lucia and I also launched my website, I took the plunge as an entrepreneur and it felt amazing. It has its challenges but the satisfaction is so worth it.

I am looking forward to this journey in 2017 and beyond. I am eager to make mistakes and learn from them to ensure better business practices in the future.

Image of Shemmy “Doe Boy” Johannes

Shemmy “Doe Boy” Johannes

Shemmy “Doe Boy” Johannes- Singer

My Christmas wishes first and foremost, is for the almighty to bless me with strength where I am weak, not only throughout my career, but throughout my entire life; also, for my family and loved ones, I wish them peace, joy, and all the best things this wonderful holiday has to offer. And for my fans and supporters I wish you an “okay lay lay Christmas ” and a New Year filled with blessings.

Image of Sir Lancealot

Sir Lancealot

Sir Lancealot- DJ and Entertainer

For Christmas I strongly believe in family first so for me waking up on Christmas to the smiles and cheer of my family, it is all that I really need. I wish that we would all be a little more giving around this time and not forget the true meaning of Christmas. On that note, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous new year.

Image of Kisha ‘Kikigirl’ Joseph

Kisha ‘Kikigirl’ Joseph

Kisha ‘Kikigirl’ Joseph- Singer

This Christmas season I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my family and loved ones whom I hold close to my heart because lately, the world seems so divided and we must remember to hold on to each other closely and cherish every moment with people who mean alot to you.

My other wish this Christmas season is to get more support from the youth as I continue to strive my way to the top on my musical journey in the upcoming year 2017.

Image of Lovely St Aime Joseph

Lovely St Aime Joseph

Lovely St Aime Joseph- news reporter

My greatest wish is for a safer society for our little ones; that everyone would commit themselves to the care and protection of children in Saint Lucia and the world over. It is the festive season for so many of us but many children go on living in hell – experiencing sexual, physical, verbal and psychological abuse.

I wish that we all would grow in our appreciation of diversity. Race, gender, class, sexual orientation. Together we make a beautiful tapestry.

And, of course, I want World  Peace (pageant joke) and all that good stuff like, good health, long life and happiness. I hope all your Christmas wishes come true!

Image of Tevin Shepherd

Tevin Shepherd

Tevin Shepherd, youth ambassador and ‘Queen’s Young Leader’

My wish for Saint Lucia in 2017 is to invest more in quality skills and technical training for youth. This holiday season I also hope that we all treat others as we would want to be treated.

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