I thank God for His greatness—for His endless, endless blessings

I thank God for His greatness—for His endless, endless blessings, because without it, I would be nothing. My God is good, He is awesome and yes, He can move mountains. And if you don’t believe that, ah, it’s a pity and I sincerely hope that eventually your outlook will change.

Some may say, “Ugh, there she goes with this God talk again!” (Lol). But I will never stop speaking of God’s greatness because God has shown me time and time again, how much He loves me despite my million shortcomings.

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Earlier this week I had a problem and man when it came, I was blowing steam (inwardly). But I just sat there, rooted to my spot and I told myself that instead of allowing the individual to see how upset I truly was, as they had treated me unfairly, I would go to my favourite prayer spot (the washroom—it’s quiet in there) and I would ask God to give me the strength to go through the situation, rather than break down.

And let me tell you something, before I even got up, God dealt with the situation; right there on the spot! He intervened on my behalf and poof! the problem disappeared. I had not prayed yet—I had not asked God any favours—I planned on doing so. And before I even asked God dealt with the situation and I could not tell you how grateful I am, and will always be to Jehovah. And what moves me, is the fact that I am not worthy of His love, His praise, yet still, He loves me anyway. I need to get it together man! God knows I want to so badly.

When you believe in God’s greatness, He will work wonders in your life. Believe me. And even if it doesn’t happen to you right away, you will see it happening in the lives of others—pay attention.

And He will truly move mountains for you, when you commit yourself fully. I believe in that and I know that one day, (God willing) I will experience it.

If you are going through a tough situation, pray. Even if you feel like God will not hear you or that you are an unbeliever who stands no chance. And sometimes you will pray and pray and you will feel like God is not hearing you at all and that your situation is only getting harder and harder—pray harder and thank and trust in God even then; “pray without ceasing”. Things may go wrong, but when God finally gives you that blessing, you will see why He did it then. Why it took “so long” and why His timing is better (WAY BETTER) than ours.

God tests us. And sometimes He will put us through the wringer! He does this because He has promised that He WILL take care of us—and it’s now up to us to show God that we believe in Him. We must trust in His greatness even when things are hard; even when you are penniless, homeless; even when you are being abused, whether it is sexually, physically, or emotionally.

And I am not the politician who “doesn’t know the poor man’s struggle” and who pretends that he/she understands.

I have stories of my own which I will share some day so I can assure you that in time you will be fine. I am not speaking solely because I have read; I am sharing this because I have experienced God’s greatness. I have seen and I believe and I will continue to believe even when life gets hard(er) because I know there is a God.

Take care guys. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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