La Luna: Tales by Moonlight

If you want to see a performance, you need to see Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy in action. The academy hosted ‘La Luna: Tales by Moonlight’, a dance production which brought the Nobel Laureate Festival to a close on February 3 and 4, at the National Cultural Centre—it was splendid.

Dances like ‘La Luna’, ‘Field of Dreams’, ‘Awakening’, ‘Gangster Blues’ and ‘Deliverance’ brought the stage to life;three screens (the images changed with every dance), taunting, haunting, solemn and upbeat sounds, stage props and effects and an all-star cast, made this production a terrific one.

The group (which is celebrating its 25th anniversary), is famous for delivering stellar performances and again, they lived up to their reputation.

‘La Luna’ touched on a number of issues affecting today’s society, amongst them rape, abuse,violence and bullying, and it was amazing how they said so much, without speaking at all; body language was enough and spoke volumes in a loud room.

The dancers, (all 22 of them!) shined and performed wholeheartedly and audience members looked on appreciatively.

Speaking on their eight production in collaboration with the Nobel Laureate Festival, artistic director and founder of Silver Shadows, Barry George said: “The production was centred on dreams. We realize that in our society today a lot of people have issues which they don’t talk about but sometimes dreams tend to tell you their stories.”

He continued: “Tonight (Saturday) the dancers were individual dreams of persons, things that they go through, things that are on their minds and so on, so their dreams unfold under that moonlit night.”

But although the event was rich in talent, it was poorly attended; the director hopes that this will change in the future.

“Our biggest disappointment was the turnout; but we did it and of course somebody needs to advocate for dance. The Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy will continue doing that—we’re doing it for dance and we’re doing it for the young people that we impact on,” he said in closing.

Past productions from the group held as part of the Nobel Laureate Festival is as follows: ‘Caged’ (2006), ‘Dance of the Villages’ (2008), ‘Break Out’ (2009), ‘An Evening of Dance’ (2010), ‘Drum Song’ (2011) ‘Dance Mirage’ (2012) and ‘Poetry in Motion’ (2015).

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