‘The A-Team’: The Faces Behind Forever Factory

The minute I saw their page on Instagram, I fell in love it: it was personal, unique, gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling on the inside and it could have easily been mine; ‘Forever Factory’ had certainly captured my attention

After speaking to one of the founders via message, I smiled, as the individual appeared to be so genuine; I immediately thought of how good this would be for business.

It was later I discovered that it was Danny Augustin that I had been speaking to; he was just as genuine (and cheery!) in person.

The interview lasted approximately forty-three minutes—it was a wonderful one. Danny, 27, (and his partner—you’ll find out more about her in a bit!) eagerly shared details about their prized possession, ‘Forever Factory’.

“At ‘Forever Factory’, we aim to become a hub or ‘go to’ store for anyone who wants to find something to save a memory in time. So with us, you would be able to find journals, diaries, notebooks, keepsakes, greeting cards, photo albums, scrapbooks and more—anything that saves any sort of memory really,” Danny said.

The business is based online but in a tech savvy world, a business of this kind would prove to be a ‘Godsend’ to most—after all, it saves you the hassle of going on a book hunt. But with ‘Forever Factory’, books (and other items) are just a click away—there are many unique pieces, which were selected solely with you in mind.

They re-sell products but don’t rule them out by calling them “just another online business”—they aren’t.

This is where Jayashricomes in. The 19-year-old, (full name JayashriNataraj) is as creative as they come. So when your package is finally delivered, you’ll be as pleased as ever. Confetti detail, a handwritten note, colourful wrapping, a ‘Forever Factory’ bag and exquisite candies are some of the items used to make a package perfect or complete.

Jayashri’s talents will allow the team to go to another level as in the future, ‘Forever Factory’ will be introducing their own pieces. (I can’t wait to see them!)

But that’s not all. The two, who work from home, are keen on helping youth find, or rediscover a passion for writing. And they are working towards accomplishing that goal.

“Many young people don’t write anymore and we believe it’s not solely because of technology like people say, but it’s also because it’s just not available. So we decided that we wanted to bring it back because it’s pretty much dead and it shouldn’t be,” Danny said.

He continued: “We plan on doing workshops centred on writing and journaling—why to journal, how to journal, when to journal, these sort of things. We have actually done one so far with local organization ‘Girls of a Feather’.”

According to him, their aim “is not just to be a retail or stationery store—we want it to be more than that.”

And they pride themselves in providing a service that is unique—the two work closely with their customers and interested persons to ensure that they have the best experience. For them, it’s not simply about selling an item, but having a relationship with their customers as well.

They make an excellent team as they complement each other perfectly.

Says Jayashri: “I would say that our differences are our strengths; he’s very expansive and he wants to do everything and I’m generally a bit more restrictive in the sense that I really want to plan things out so I think that kind of goes hand in hand.”

“And then later, I’m like, thank God she said that!” Danny added, as we all exchanged laughs.

So far, their business has proven to be very profitable which some may find to be surprising given the kind of business it is; Jayashri admitted that the business’ success came as a surprise to her as well. But it’s proof that their hard work has paid off and nothing is “impossible” no matter how hard or unattainable it may seem.

But how did this idea come about? During a car ride, they shared; it was Danny’s idea. At first, Jayashridid not share his enthusiasm—she was trying to warm up to the idea. But she eventually realized that his idea was a fantastic one.

“I came to see the potential for it and thought oh! This is actually cool! And it’s also a great avenue for me because I really like doing creative things but then I had gotten so caught up in other things; it’s a really great thing that we were able to start it,” she said.

Contact ‘Forever Factory’ or make a purchase!

Website: www.theforeverfactory.com

Email: foreverfactory758@gmail.com

Cell: 727-0337/ 723-5059

Social media: ‘Forever Factory’

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