I was exceedingly proud of some of the statuses I saw on Facebook

In a world where it has been made to seem that being sympathetic or showing any amount of empathy is uncool, I was exceedingly proud of some of the statuses I saw on Facebook by the majority of you our young readers. Almost everyone in my circle saw the need to show some form of solidarity and it made me wonder just how much we can progress as a nation if our leaders would take a page from that fine chapter.

Although the circumstances that brought on that cohesion was as a result of one of the worse tragedies we’ve suffered in a couple of years, it begs the question, what causes us to show  unity only when the situation is as dim as ditchwater? The few people who tried augustly to make a mockery out of the situation were quickly shutdown and later had to resort to deleting a few statuses. Some who weren’t aware of the severity quickly took back their words and joined the train of sympathy.

As I stood at the entrance of the site, was filled with sorrow and despair seeing families come out in tears, some jolting as they gingerly walked to their vehicles, couldn’t even contain their pain. Some have lost families, friends, and coworkers.Such a void may never be filled again and it is up to us to help the grieving families through this ordeal.

Sometimes a simple greeting now and then is all someone needs to make facing the day a little bit easier, others may choose to stay quiet and grieve silently. Whichever method is chosen, let’s be mindful and respectful of it.

For those of us who are closest to someone who may have lost a loved one but aren’t sure of how to help, here are a few tips: listen more than you talk, choose your words wisely, offer your friend help whenever you can, check in weeks and months later and share memories.

Our sympathies go out to the families and friends who lost their loved ones in that tragic blast on Tuesday, 21st March.

God bless ya’ll

Scady. P

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