Michael Robinson’s ‘Shades’ was a stellar event. A birthday celebration for MR himself, this party attracted many: primarily the grown, suave and sexy.

Image of Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson

The event took place on March 31, at the Zen nightclub in Rodney Bay. Zen, the new hangout spot in the area, was the perfect place for this birthday celebration.

Complimentary cocktails, cupcakes, along with free shutter shades upon arrival made the atmosphere merrierand henna art and a photo booth made the night even more exciting.

The line-up was excellent; Hollywood HP, X-Factor, Levi Chin and DJ Viper entertained the crowd with hits that lasted till early morning; guest artistes Arthur, Shemmy J, Nerdy, Kayo, Mysterio, Migos and Mata too pumped up the crowd, with a number of crowd favourites.

Paparazzi was out in full effect—what’s a birthday party without top-notch photographers on the scene?

“I’m extremely pleased with the way the event turned out,” Michael said in an interview with YO!

“The love and appreciation for me as an individual/artiste really showed:the turnout was overwhelming; it is actually the most people to ever go inside the Zen nightclub,” he added.

And as for whether this event was a one-time thing? According to Michael, probably not.

“By the looks of it I might make it an annual event. I might not have the same theme however,” the artiste said, adding that he doesn’t want to let too much out of the bag just yet.

And when asked what the highlight of the night was for him, Michael responded: “The highlight for me was just to see the smiles and good vibes from people; people were having fun— there was no negative energy.”

The party, undoubtedly, was a success and a great look for the MR brand. Like partyholics often say, “ting was just pure vibes!”

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