Cyber Bullying

A trend that continues to be of concern to us here at the YO! is the constant bullying we see taking place on Facebook or cyber bullying. Now for those who don’t know what that is “it is when a young person keeps tormenting, threatening, harassing, or embarrassing another young person using the Internet or other technologies, like cell phones.”

Blog site reports that the psychological and emotional outcomes of cyberbullying are similar to those of real-life bullying. The difference is, real-life bullying often ends when school ends. For cyberbullying, there is no escape. And, it’s getting worse.

In Saint Lucia, we see it very often and some of us laugh it off while making light comments about it. We aren’t smiling over here because to us this has got to be treated seriously if we are to prevent a major catastrophe. One such act we need to clamp down on is those who feel it necessary to post illicit images of individuals they aren’t too fond of.

The constant need for young men to embarrass our girls on social media just to get some likes has gotten way out of hand. A few days ago I came across a status of an individual who was bold enough to threaten the release of a girl’s nudes because he felt she bruised his ego. Now for the benefit of those who may not understand what nudes are, they are simply naked photos of an individual. That’s right, the ultimate shame was what he had promised, oblivious to the fact that should those images been “leaked” he would be welcoming a very tricky and complicated situation.

I am of the belief that many of you youngsters aren’t fully aware that once it can be proven that you are responsible for distributing pornographic material, you can and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Don’t think for a second that our law makers aren’t busy devising plans for cyber and data protection laws to deal with these malicious acts.

In an age where the internet has made it so easy and virtually more affordable to stay in contact with friends and families that we haven’t seen in years, some would rather misuse and abuse that power in an attempt to instill fear in the minds of others just because they’re not pleased with something that was said or posted.

Such cyber-bullying has to be a concern for all because according to, 68% of teens agree that cyber bullying is a serious problem and 81% of young people think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person. Now these numbers are based on an American survey but I honestly don’t think we are that far off.

What is your stance on cyber bullying?

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.



  1. I am a St. Lucian National living abroad and the same issue is prevalent in the US. We really need to teach out youth how to utilize the various social media platforms in productive ways ( start new small businesses) . Unfortunately, they fall into the traps of only using it for negative gain.

  2. DAVID Reply

    4k cyber bullying that’s what I say 4k all bullying on the whole not right. Remember David and Goliath

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