The importance of making sacrifices

I am constantly being reminded about the importance of making sacrifices. I will be honest, I hate making sacrifices most times—who’s with me? Am I alone in this? (I have made it my duty to be open and honest with our readers even if I risk looking a little “too human” at times). But although I hate giving up things that I love, (for instance, giving up a good TV show or a good night’s sleep), I realize the importance of making sacrifices; the importance of being disciplined, so that one can achieve more.

I remember my second semester in college—the first day. That day felt like my worst day. The subject was new to me (I swear, I didn’t know a thing!) and I thought I would never get through. I remember the bitter disappointment that crept all over me when I realized that the class was not what I expected. But despite this, I knew that I would give it my all and that I would succeed. There would be no second tries for me; I was determined to get it right the first time. And I did. I can’t tell you how much I cried and prayed, but here I am today, long past the finish line.

This is one of the reasons why I too, remind others about the importance of doing the aforesaid—giving up certain things, in order to move forward. Half the time, the journey is gruelling, but when you get to your destination you realize why you had to go through certain things—the end results are so sweet.

And sometimes we are forced to make certain sacrifices. Not because we want to, or because we see the bigger picture, but because we, sometimes, have no choice: getting pregnant for instance, and placing your aspirations on a burner that seems so far away; giving a child everything, wishing that you acted differently at the time. And that does not mean that you do not love that child, it simply means that you would have had that child later, had you known that you would be required to give up so many things in the process.

Sometimes an unfortunate situation allows us to become wiser. It does not mean that we would go through that situation again (oh no we wouldn’t!) but then the wisdom we gain is invaluable.

And, most of all, always remember to trust God; He is a marvellous God and He will get you through. You will need Him when the journey gets incredibly tough and you will need Him in the good times too. (Never abandon God in the good times; pray as often as you do in the bad times).

Have a wonderful weekend my loves!

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.

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