Plums are in season

Plums are in season, so naturally, we’re all walking ‘round with smiles plastered on our faces, right? Last week, I came across the rosiest plums ever and of course, I couldn’t help but get $2.00 worth. I walked up to the tray confidently, and greeted the vendor. To my surprise she did not respond. I was not bothered; I was already thinking about sinking my teeth into those red plums.

What irked me however was the nasty attitude she maintained whilst serving me. It’s as if she didn’t even want to be there nor was she pleased to see a customer! I could not help but think how the vendor had the audacity to be rude when her plums were terribly overpriced. Four plums for $1.00? Lady, excuse me?

We have all experienced bad customer service and sometimes, it’s infuriating, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Later that day I remembered a cashier I met at the supermarket. She had the most pleasant disposition ever. I complimented her perfectly shaped brows; she in return, complimented my hair. (Now I know this was no forced compliment—my hair is tha bomb! Ha!)

And ever since, we’ve been ‘buddies’. Now I know every day isn’t Christmas. Ain’tnobody got time to be smiling every single day. Sometimes, we wake up on the “wrong side of the bed”, or we’re busy with our thoughts and are worlds away.

But remember if you are providing a service, no matter how big or small, give it your all. On the bad days, you may not smile, that’s understandable (hey, we’re all human), but refrain from being rude to someone else. (Oh I know it’s hard!) But if someone is pleasant, please don’t attempt to chew their head off!

I can recall one of my bad days. I felt like sulking for the entire day and was in no mood to smile. Then the chef who was serving me that day inquired about my sour mood. I told him I felt like I had the right to behave that way (can you believe me?) as usually, I have a sunny disposition. He disagreed (strongly!) right then and there and told me that I should try to remain positive. And I’m telling you, I left the establishment with a smile on my face.

P.S. Plum lady, I’m still coming to your tray. Those plums were juiicayyy! (Better luck next time?) Maybe I’ll offer her a compliment…

Have a good weekend my loves!

Sincerely, always,
Rae A.

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