Theatre and Cocktails

CYPAN’s (Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network) ‘Theatre and Cocktails’ was a phenomenal success. The fundraising event was held on May 6, at the Finance Administrative Centre and a number of individuals showed up for the blue carpet event.

Poetry, song, dance, an auction and drama brought the imposing building to life; the event ended on a high note, with ‘Belle Fanto’, a stage play written by Trinidad’sEric Roach (now deceased).The play was directed by Silver Shadow’s Shartoya Jn. Baptiste.

Speaking on the event, Kirby Sydney, Youth Advocacy Officer for CYPAN said, “It is a sponsored event for our initiative ‘Teach Peace, Reach Peace’ which is a community campaign that we’re looking to establish. We are really and truly peace builders as our name suggests and what we want to do is to make our effect in the establishing of this initiative through the community.”

He continued: “We wanted to give young persons an opportunity to showcase their talent and so that was the medium that we used.”

And there was an abundance of talent.

Speaking on what was displayed that night, the Youth Advocacy Officer said “It showed me that the young persons are really talented, that they have the opportunity to really express themselves through the arts and this is what CYPAN is about:identifying young persons within the community for the good, for the better, for the positive, and really allowing them the medium to express that talent.”

Hats off to the organization and participants for putting on a wonderful event!

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