Our island was under threat of storms and hurricanes…

The last couple of months were the most telling, revealing and sad parts of the calendar year. Our island was under threat of storms and hurricanes but thankfully we were spared the brunt of their destruction. While some people publicly thanked the creator for His abundant blessings, others saw it fit to start confusing the minds of many weak followers with their skepticism and immature humour. Questions of whether or not there was a supreme being in control of all the hurricanes and storms and if God was truly the saviour and can control happiness and sadness why would He allow all the destruction in countries like Puerto Rico and islands like Dominica, spread like wild fire.

This is almost like history repeating itself and maybe some people missed out on their confirmation classes as many scenarios were detailed during my three years of Saturday classes. For others I am positive you would have received some of the same teachings at your Sunday school or even when you attended service of your respective sabbath. Now if you haven’t then I implore you to challenge yourself and find the truth from individuals that can help you and answer your questions in person.

The latest craze (from people who are considered well educated) is that storms are man-made and the number of storms we see forming is a direct result from a man-made machine. The machine nonsense had me laughing as if I was at a Kevin Hart and Katt Williams comedy special (oh boy what a show that would be). While I agree these hurricanes have us to thank for being so strong (look up Climate Change) we are not the ones creating it! We may be able to analyze or even predict its path but let’s not kid ourselves and think we hold any birth rights to these Natural Disasters.

Young people, let’s learn something from these so-called technocrats; not everyone that slaps a word you are not familiar with should be considered a guru or as they love to be called “professional”. Many of them are just as clueless as we are and rather than admit they don’t know and seek the right information, they delve into an egotistical trip and spew much gibberish some of what people sadly believe.

It will be a sad day when people of the world are led to believe lies just because the truth doesn’t fit the agenda of many but young people you have the power to change that. You have the ability and it is right in front of you. In fact you are doing it now! That’s right, reading! Your tool, your power is in the material you read and your ability to recognize the real information from the false. Never let yourself down like a few of the adults who areone charged as our shepherds; never put down that book.

I will end Slouch here this weekend because I am in vacation mode! Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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