Melanin Pops: Black Girls Killing It! Tara

Time for a little black girl magic… Or rather, A TON. This week we’re introducing “Melanin Pops!” a column highlighting millennials who are killing it: future rock stars, supermodels, farmers, lawyers, doctors, etcetera. A fun, quick read on persons to watch.

Image of Tara Edward

Tara Edward

We’re starting off ‘Melanin Pops’ with model Tara Edward—check out our Q & A below.

Full name: Tara Edward

Height: 5’11’

Eye colour: dark brown

Age: forever young

Nationality: Saint Lucian

YO: How’d you get your start in modelling?

Tara: I started when I was 17 years old at a local fashion show.

YO: Are you signed to an agency?

Tara: I am a signed model with one of the top model agencies in Cape Town South Africa. Check them out on Instagram @20modelmanagement.

YO: Which models do you like most, why?

Tara: I love all black models!!!  Being a black model is extremely difficult so I love seeing any black model male or female winning! Especially Leomie Anderson and Grace Bol.

YO: How often do you hit the gym? (Is it important to do so?)

Tara: It’s important as a model to keep fit as much as possible and eat healthy. I eat healthy generally and if I’m not at the gym I work out at home a lot.

YO: Favourite item for a natural glow?

Tara: Coconut oil!!

YO: Favourite fruit?

Tara: Mango

YO: What do you think about Fenty Beauty?

Tara: I LOVE Fenty Beauty for recognizing the lack of diversity in the beauty industry especially when it comes to foundation.Being able to provide a foundation match for our darkest sisters to lightest, is truly amazing and we appreciate Rihanna for keeping us in mind as other cosmetic lines literally ignored the necessity for providing for darker skin tones. No more crossing your fingers when shopping for foundation.  Patiently waiting on my order to arrive.

YO: What is your ultimate goal?

Tara: Being closer to God.

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