A few days ago I boldly started a fire on Facebook

It is a topic that is almost as controversial as religion and politics. A few days ago I boldly started a fire on Facebook that would not only contribute to our Twitter and Fb Conversations column but also to this weekend’s Slouch from the Couch. So let’s jump right into it shall we?

Readers what are your views on Corporal Punishment in schools? Now for the sake of those who may not know what Corporal Punishment or physical punishment is a punishment intended to cause physical pain on a person. It is most often practiced on minors, especially in homes and schools settings. In simpler terms it’s a spanking.

Now School corporal punishment refers to causing deliberate pain or discomfort in response to undesired behaviour by students in schools. It often involves striking the student either across the buttocks or on the hands, with an implement such as a rattan cane, wooden paddle, slipper, leather strap or wooden yardstick. Less commonly, it could also include spanking or smacking the student with the open hand, especially at the elementary school level.

Now that we have gone through the meanings we will now take a look at the effects of said punishment in schools. My small survey generated much discourse and many are of the notion that school corporal punishment is archaic and shouldn’t be practiced. Some even went as far as calling it abuse that serves no purpose in today’s society. One friend opted to back up her statement with scientific facts that showed in 2015 “researchers found that corporal punishment experienced by eight-year-old children was linked with lower math’s scores.”

According to a new meta-analysis of 50 years of research on spanking by experts at The University of Texas at Austin and the University of Michigan “the more children were spanked, the more likely they were to defy their parents and to experience increased anti-social behavior, aggression, mental health problems and cognitive difficulties.”

As I continued to scroll through my responses one person was brave enough to cast doubt on the scientific findings pointing out that many of the very people who were posting anti-spanking responses might have gotten spanked themselves and they turned out fine while another indicated that the fear of being caned by the Principal kept him on the straight and narrow.

So let me know dear readers, where do you stand on this? Are you for or against this form of punishment? Do you think that maybe too many young people are let of the hook too easily and a good spanking is what may keep them in check? I await your answers.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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