FREEZY – That’s his story…well part of it

Long before he became the sensation that he is today, flying out every other week and selling out shows and rubbing with Soca’s royalty we met the President of the “Eh Care” crew at the opening of Dennery Carnival 2014. His professionalism will forever resonate in our minds as he had no problem working with a corded microphone unlike artistes who were to perform before him. As he commanded the crowd and chants of the “Eh Care” phrase vibrated throughout the multi-purpose court, we knew then and there that if his music didn’t make him a hit his attitude would.

Nothing prepared this family man for the popularity he is currently receiving but he concedes that he is learning, and everyday he has a new appreciation for the business and the industry.  Make no mistake his rise to stardom wasn’t an overnight success as Freezy had already secured multiple singles under his belt before two year old “Split in the Middle” single and video had the world attempting to match every instruction he belted out in the various islands and countries he has been fortunate to visit.

Image of Freezy

His single has garnered a massive six million views on YouTube and his video has breached the one million mark albeit under multiple users all but one (Acid Kreations) aren’t authorized but a humble Johnnick Leo or Freezy as he is more commonly known the world over smiles it off. He prefers to look at the many blessings his hit single Split in the Middle has granted him over the past few months and his love for the art form and industry is ever present in his high praises for the individuals credited with his success thus far.

The beaming pillar of the Dennery Segment highlighted a few of the countries that are knocking on his door and his eagerness to represent and fly the Saint Lucian flag. He laments the lack of more unity within the Dennery Segment fraternity and gives high praises to all of the artistes who were ensuring the product continues to leave its mark on the world.  “There are certain parts of the world that the song and the music is still very new to them and they are falling in love with it”.

The genre’s popularity was given an even greater stamp of approval when the Soca greats such as Problem Child, Patrice Roberts, Shal Marshall and legends BunjiGarlin and Faye-Ann Lyons all jumped on the infectious riddims. Freezy couldn’t hide the pride he felt with the success of the Dennery Segment telling us that he felt blessed to be a part of it all as the acceptance is something all of the artistes have been fighting for, for quite some time.

Since the success of “Split in the Middle”, Freezy has had offers from various record labels and streaming companies but the artiste stays resolute and is weighing each option carefully. He has also released more material, enough to comfortably drop a double “Eh Care” album for his fans. The two singles currently on heavy rotation is the Jammin Entertainment produced “Bend D Banana” and NMG’s “Badang” on the GingaRiddim.

Before becoming an international household name and one of the heavy hitters in the Dennery Segment genre, growing up in Ravine Poisson, Bexon, Freezy’s introduction to music came in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. He remembers falling in love with the melodies and always felt a sense of calm whenever he did music. “I was troublesome when I was younger, as most boys are but then I could always find my calm in the music”. Ironically his first recorded song wouldn’t be one that would be played in the church. “The first song that I recorded was with a group of friends call My Bones, it was during my years at Castries Comprehensive and it did very well” he told us as he chocked a few chuckles.

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