We live in a world where disappointment is unavoidable

We live in a world where disappointment is unavoidable no matter how hard we try to stay clear of its path. For some the manner in which it attacks our credulous existence may prove too hard to accept and as a result the spirit is broken, the zeal is lost and desire is now all but extinct. For others it serves as a harsh truth that the most important things in life are hardly ever attained easily and if we want it we must be willing to fight for it.

I am a firm believer in fighting until the very end to achieve the desired result. Sometimes it will take a little longer than expected but in my mind it is all part of the learning process. A wise man once said that getting it easy will often lead to one’s lack of appreciation and the fear of disappointment will be a speed bump for a lot of would be successful people. Is there any truth to that? Maybe, but one can also say that getting it easy is downright boring. Put this into perspective if you are lover of video games and every time you play you come out victorious without ever being challenged, won’t boredom creep in at some stage?

When dealing with disappointment one must be ready to accept fault or blame and as we learnt from the successtory.com, you shouldn’t just assign fault on others. That I am sure for some might be difficult especially if you are in the habit of saying this person doesn’t like me or is out to get me. Precious relationships are lost on the account of egos. “People are too egoistic and give too much importance to the ego so if possible one should avoid doing that.”

Jacey Verdichio said best when she spoke on the topic of disappointment with regard to friendship and everyday living. As we know disappointments aren’t only felt at school or at work, but at home and in relationships (friendships) as well. She said, “as painful as disappointments are, I’m starting to think they’re a necessary proving ground for genuine, long lasting friendships.”

She also painted a beautiful picture on how one can combat that “D” word. “If you love someone, don’t let your fear of disappointment dictate the relationship. They’re going to let you down, because they’re not God. You’re going to let them down, because even on your best day, you’re not either. Being human isn’t going to ruin your relationship. Hiding your humanity behind a veil for fear of disappointment might, though.”

Readers I will leave you with these quotes to ponder on as I close off this weekend’s slouch from the Couch. Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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