Minor Productionz’ Yannick Plante

Some may say he resurrected Kid from the movie Kid and Play, others may know him for his comedic nature. Much to say, this talented keyboardist/producer is no other than Yannick Plante. In his early musical journey at a tender age of 15, Yannick played keyboard and occasionally bass with the band Declassified, a band he helped form with a group of school colleagues at the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School. It was thereafter he became the keyboardist for the popular jam band Matrix.

Image of Yannick Plante

Yannick Plante

Yannick’s talents saw him along with the Matrix Band, grace stages such as Main Stage St. Lucia Jazz 2013, National Telethon, major Carnival shows and other concerts around the island. He also embarked on two trips to Martinique with fellow St. Lucian musicians to represent his country, proving that even at his tender age, he had the capability to perform with top artists. He continued to nurture his skills as a keyboardist, learning different styles and a wide range of musical styles. This resulted in him also being part of an ensemble of musicians lead by popular reggae artist Meshach, performing at HOTELS IN the south of the island.

His sincere passion for music lead to his involvement in music production, creating riddims for artists such as RDX, Arthur, Teddydson John, Ricky T, Ezra d’Funmachine, Freezy, Mata, Hollywood HP and many more. A versatile musician, many may not know that Yannick’s voice is one of two which can be heard on the popular St. Lucian track “Whole C** Pa Bon” as part of the group Exclusive Squad, going under the sobriquet D.J. Plantation, and in 2014 the EvaLucian track “Twerk”.

It was in the year 2013, that Yannick along with band members Arthur Allain, and Gus d’Auvergne, teamed up to form the now popular EvaLucian band. Serving as a vital, core member of the band, his great ability to sample and play keyboards helped the band reach high heights within a short space of time. Within months of their existence, they had graced major stages such as St. Lucia Jazz 2014 Launch, Jazz at Bay Walk, Jazz in Soufriere, opening up for the legendary Kassav, Soca Monarch 2K14, amongst many other concerts.

2014 also saw the birth of Yannick’s alliance with award winning producer Courtney Louis of Stratosphere music, co-producing for some of the leading artists in St. Lucia such as Ricky T, Mongstar and Sergie.

A talented musician who can play the guitar, bass, drums and specializes in the keyboard, Yannick continues to better his craft and pursue his goals to be a leading force in the music industry of St. Lucia.

How many “riddims” have you released and how do you go about selecting the artistes for it?

-Minor Productionz has released over 5 “riddims”. I solely focus on building artists so with every “riddim”, I try my best to feature an artist with a bigger following to ride the “riddim” to help the other artists get some recognition to help develop themselves and the music industry with more good known music.

What would you say gives a band the edge over a D.J. at a show?

At a show, People always tend to focus on the stage. A band is definitely something to look at, especially the singer. With a D.J., it’s not always that way. People may find it really boring to just be staring at a DJ looking at a laptop. Unlike staring at the musicians on stage, they can actually see the instruments being played and the vibe that the musicians are creating. A good band brings out the beauty and raises the standard of any show.

A DJ can only be compared to a band only if he/she gives a performance. I would say like Hollywood HP, Sirlancelalot’s kind of style, and some others of course.

Image of EvaLucian band

EvaLucian band

What is it that you still feel you haven’t done enough of or in what areas do you believe you still need growth?

We all know we can do better at anything we do. The popular phrase “Time Wasted Can NEVER Be Regained” passes through my mind almost every day. So with that being said, of course yes I feel bad whenI spend time doing unproductive things when I should be improving my craft. Being 100% at the music craft is yet to be discovered. A hit song has no formula. No matter how advanced your beat sounds, a beginner can create a simple beat and it gets popular while the advanced beat goes unrecognized.

What’s one of the biggest misconceptions people have of you?

People tend to think I’m antisocial. I was raised up in a quiet community down in the south of the Island where I was always in my room on my laptop surfing the internet, producing music or playing game all day once I’m not at school. Unfortunately, I didn’t change. It’s still that way even as I moved to the north of the island with plenty party action. I have only been to Gros Islet Friday night 4 times for the most. It’s not that I’m antisocial, it’s just how I grew up and I’m comfortable with that life. Keeps me out of “trouble” as well. For a 23 year old with a vehicle, my friends think I’m a really boring person since my vehicle sometimes goes days untouched. The reason you may see me out is usually because my band Evalucian is performing.

What is your preferred genre of music and why?

I grew up listening to lots of Reggae music from my neighbors and family members. I then got to be the keyboardist for the reggae artist called Meshach, who sings popular songs such as Greedy Joe and Stay Outta Trouble. Ever since, Reggae has always been my favorite genre of music.

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