It’s not just a branded variety of the oxide mineral chalcedony (do we even know what that is?), no. Onyx was one of the most anticipated events since the close of the carnival season/for the month of October. Along with the now established sunrise fete trend, Onyx also kept to a trend of their own; any Verve event is bound to be memorable.

To say the party was well attended would be an understatement. With a sold out VIP and packed regular section, it is safe to say they deserved a round of applause. Snap your fingers for the attendees as well because they slayed. Not only did they follow the white-code—give or take a few odd balls—they kept it classy. A standard we’ve been seeing in recent events and one that should be maintained for similar events in the future.

Photos by Wavemaker

A few eye brows were raised after the venue was revealed and even with a classy rename for the Daren Sammy Stadium (The Greens); many party goers weren’t totally ecstatic to hear about the venue. “For a party that advertised class as much as it did Popcaan, the Darren Sammy Cricket Stadium didn’t particularly cut it.”

Nonetheless, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Here’s my verdict:
The harsh lights and open landscape of the stadium didn’t do much to help the intimate ambiance but it did however help with comfort. The stadium provided enough space for persons to occupy comfortably, large bathrooms with mirrors, clean booths for food venders and last but certainly not least,seats! For the ladies who love their heels, they are well acquainted with the saying ‘beauty is pain’I’m sure they would agree.

Now the segment we are always anxiously awaiting, because what’s a party without good music. Forgiving a few ‘chatty’ individuals and a performer that didn’t exactly exude confidence—perhaps due to his missing counterpart—the music overall received a massive two thumbs up.

Lucians are a hard crowd to please but Popcaan brought his A-game. With a continuous hype and an amalgamation of almost all his songs, the Unruly King kept the night alive. Few are able to perform with little to no aesthetics and that’s exactly what he did. Hopefully this isn’t the last time we see Andre Hugh Sutherland.

As the sun rose signalling the end to a long night, the smiles on the faces of patrons were a clear indication that Onyx, you’re expected next year; hopefully bigger and better.

By Savannah Alphonse.

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