Poem For My Liam

Image of Liam

“Down’s Syndrome” — that is what she said to me
Down’s. I repeated. Oh, Lord, how could that be?
A perfect baby was all that I saw
Never for once thinking that there would be more
I felt my entire world crumbled apart
Did not know what to do, didn’t know where to start
So many thoughts ran through my mind
Especially thoughts of those people who could be so unkind
Was told to reach your milestones would take you longer
But I celebrated all as I watched you grow stronger
With all the cannots and the impossible that I was told
Nothing prepared me for what would unfold
One thing I knew you wouldn’t be denied of
Was the support and care of family and your parents’love
Liam, I said, would be your name
You will walk with your head up and make your own fame
Like the missing piece of a puzzle and with such a great might
You came into my world and added the light
Down’s Syndrome, she said. Those words made me scared
There will be more downs than ups, so be prepared
Despite all the ups and downs that we went through
One thing for sure and one thing I knew
That nothing they said about you was true
You may look different while we all look the same
One thing you should know you are not to blame
Down’s Syndrome never prepared me to see
That strong, amazing,
awesome, person that now stands before me.

From your mommy, Sera Gordon, with love kisses and hugs

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