‘Belelesh’: History In The Making

‘Belelesh’ is a production creatednot to reflect a direct narrative but to showcase everyday life and the struggles of the four men who make the production. The creator of the production, Richard Ambrose believes that the show is not a direct narrative because life has it ups and downs. He expands on how he believes ‘Belelesh’ is also a perfect representation of their struggle to bring out their talents and put on display.

As four male dancers the group wants to take the performing arts more serious and turn it into a profession but for some reason it evades them. Ambrose went on to say that “Belelesh is our lives, it is theechoes of our folk tales, our traditions, our music and songs, language and the talents we are yet to discover.”

“Whether we allow our mindsets to change and our bodies to go into that new form there are several things keeping us from that, just like as men, there are many things keeping us as men from working together,”he added.

Ambrosecame up with the idea to bring ‘Belelesh’to the Town Hall because it is momentous to him. He explained that it is a place filled with Saint Lucia’s historyand wanted to make the show apart of this timeless history.

He believes he has done what an artist is supposed to do which is to give a reflection of life of the society the way it is. The show at the Castries Town Hall was simply a sample of what is to come. The main event will be held on December 13, at the George Odlum Gymnasium known to most as the Marigot Secondary School starring Richard Ambrose the creator of the show, along with Christopher Duncan, Jaime Eldon-Forde and Lance Glasgow.

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