Eden Crick

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Eden Crick

Eden Crick is this week’s new kid on the block. The 16-year-old swimmer seems to have a bright future ahead of her. Eden is a former student of the St. Joseph Convent Secondary School and is a current student at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. Eden is a member of the Sharks Swim Club. She trains Mondays to Saturdays for 2 hours per day.Her favourite races are the 50 and 100 metres freestyle and backstroke.

Admittedly a sometimes difficult task she seamlessly balances an intense swim schedule with school. As a result of her hard work she has represented her country proudly throughout the Caribbean and internationally racking up quite a bit of stamps in her passport. She has participated in CARIFTA four times and the OECS swim games nine times. This year’s OECS games was Eden’s come back season after being in a slump, she medaled ten times with a total6 gold and 4 silver medals.

She is a former Junior Sports Woman of the Year nominee and was selected to participate at the World Championship Games in Samoa in 2014. Eden doesn’t only tour the Caribbean competing in meets,she also attends several training camps whenever she gets a break from school.

During her recentsummer vacation, she took her talents to Miami whereher option to further her education was increased after her abilities in the pool caught the eyes of several high school coaches.

Eden plans on furthering her education and hopes to secure a swimming scholarship, after graduating fromSir Arthur Lewis Community College. She loves the sciences and plans to move forward in her studies majoring in either Medicine or Engineering.

What can we expect from Eden Crick in 2018?
“I plan to continue representing my country proudly at every swim championship especially CARIFTA.”

Any plans for the Olympics?
“Well the Olympics for me is still far but it is nothing I shall not be ready for when my time comes.”

She says to people who would aspire to take up swimming and be successful, “it doesn’t come easy, it’s hard work and even when you on a low just keep your head up and know what you want because no one can know it for you.”

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