Erv John – Mr. Multitalented

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Erv John

“Growing up in the small village of Canaries where raw talent is plentiful, I am proud to be one of those with many talents.”

Erv John makes the best out of every opportunity he’s gotten so far thathis friends now call him multitalented, because of the many talents that he possesses. During his primary school years, he remembers attending near-by events with his brother who was a DJ, to observe and learn from him and that is where his love for the D.J art form was born. In 2005, after much practicing, he got his big break whenhe was noticed by a club owner who invited him

to DJ at his club.

During his years at the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School he discovered a passion for Graphic Design. Erv concedes he would spend afternoons observing labels and flyers on showcase windows and researching differentprograms that could be used to build such creativity. “I got hold of two programs “Grimp” and “Photo Impact” and started constructing random designs to upload on various social media, requesting feedback and ratings from viewers and friends.”

After posting one of his creations on then popular social media site “HI-5”, he was contacted by a promoter who needed a flyer for an event he was having “and that is how I got my first Graphics Design gig.”

Another one of his many talents is barbering. “I got better day by day by practicing on my younger brothers and cousins. I was still attending Secondary School, and would mark my friends on my lunch break to earn a few dollars. Upon leaving school, I opened my very own barbershop.”

Erv is very proud that he left secondary school with a good reputation. A few months after leaving school, he received a phone call from his past teacher, whose husband owns a photo-shop to work as a Graphics Designer and Photographer. “I started off with passport sized photos and I slowly progressed, taking on larger graphic projects. I was often complimented on how I mixed graphics with photography which was a great motivation for me.”

From then, it has all been a work in progress with continual improvement.“God has blessed me with four talents and I am thankful that I could use them for the better. I love doing what I love, and I love what I am doing.” But could number five be on the way? Well according to Erv, “I am considering being a tattoo artist soon”.

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