Life in the “countryside” has its perks

Life in the “countryside” has its perks, there’s no doubt about that. And some may say that life in the countryside is ten times easier. Of course, that does not mean residents don’t encounter difficulties or even wish that they lived in another part of the island or world at times, but let’s just say when life is good in the country, it’s real good.

Folks from the countryside often boast that they can never go hungry there. “If I’m broke, I can get greenfig or plantain right in my backyard,” some say. Others will tell you that they can easily grab their coal pot if the gas runs out.

Now individuals (some) from urban areas will set you straight and will tell you that they have a backyard to cook their food too if their gas runs out (lucky ducks!) but as we know that’s not always the case.

Residents in the countryside who have it tougher than others and who are not able to afford pipe-borne water are thankful for the rivers as it saves them money that they don’t have.

And of course, most times communities are vibrant as ever. Often, you will find members of the community playing games like football or cricket on the field or basketball on the community court. On weekends, you will also find residents going to small dances: a way to show off their trendy outfits and have a good time.

So yes, life in the countryside for some folk is ten times better.

And let’s talk about the fact that everybody knows everybody!

I moved in an upscale community some time aback (it’s closer to work) and it wasn’t long before I noticed that everyone stayed indoors. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being indoors at times, but at least where I’m from, everybody knows everybody and can easily look out for the other.

Sometimes I wonder: what if something goes wrong? How would one knowwhether the other is okay? I’m sure some neighbours know each other, right?(Hopefully!)

Before I end, I would like to add that life in urban areas has its benefits too. (Don’t bite my head off just yet!)

I love how easy it is to go certain places; there’s no need to worry about getting a bus most times because you can get one at any hour of the day;and of course, the many attractions in urban areas certainly makes life more enjoyable too.

All ‘round, life in Saint Lucia is sweet (minus the nonstop violence.)

Have a good weekend guys!
Sincerely, always,
Rae A.

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