Mr. and Miss S.I.S.S 2017

Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School (S.I.S.S.) hosted its annual Mr. and Miss Sir Ira Simmons Pageant last week Saturday (December 2) at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (C.C.S.S).

Eight students (four boys and four girls) participated in the highly anticipated event, each determined to give their best.

It was the perfect opportunity for contestants to show their teachers, parents and peers just what they were capable of and they did so proudly, walking the stage with dazzlingsmiles.

The theme for this year’s event was ‘Around the World’ and participants transformed the atmosphere, bringing the unique cultures of France, Spain, Australia and Ethiopia to the auditorium.

For some, it worked.

The show was an entertaining one and students from the audience eagerly cheered the Form Four participants on, naming their houses in the process, as contestants were also representing their sports houses that day.

And each segment was one to look forward to. There were four segments namely Opening Number and Introduction, Talent, Evening Wear and Interview.

The show was a special one for students and staff as the school was celebrating its 25th anniversary, and they celebrated in style.

“This year we had a bigger and grander show; we invited some past students who are now local artistes to come and perform and we really encouraged the kids to get out there and invite their friends, family and community members” Kaela Lay, event coordinator and school counsellor said in an interview with YO!

“We decided to host at C.C.S.S. because they are our neighbours andit was easy for us to allow students to rehearse there.Normally, we go to the National Cultural Centre but we decided to have a different venue for our 25th anniversary,” the event coordinator said when questioned about thechoice of venue.

And the S.I.S.S. truly made the experience memorable for contestants especially the new Queen and King whose CSEC fees are now covered thanks to their school.

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