N.S.C: A New Look

Image of the National Students Council (N.S.C).

The National Students Council (N.S.C).

Leeryk De Lima, (President) Kendal Seraphim, (Vice President Districts 1-4), Kherim Nelson, (Vice President Districts 5-8), Tiah Arnold, (Public Relations Officer), Sasha Polius, (General Secretary), Deshawn Augustin, (Assistant Secretary), Manah James, (Floor Representative) Desray Desir, (Floor Representative) and Anaiah Ferdinand, (Treasurer) are the new faces of the National Students Council (N.S.C).

They’re fresh, driven, hungry and undeniably talented. The group sat down for an interview with YO! last week and were eager to share their future plans with us. They’re confident that they have what it takes and best of all, they’re “like family”.

“We have discussed several initiatives but the main one is to establish more student councils in the primary school sector as well as having campaigns for more security for our schools throughout the island,”president Leeryksaid on the group’s objective.

She describes the above mentioned as a mentorship programme, stating that each secondary school council will be responsible for a primary school and that they (members) will be there to guide students along the way.

The president also spoke on their love for helping others and shared that the N.S.C. hopes to assist students in getting scholarships.

“The idea is to build bonds between scouts and universities abroad who provide scholarship opportunities and have programmes at the secondary schools; the scouts would come to see them showcase their talents and speak to them about what opportunities lie ahead for them,” she explained.

They’re not stopping there. The group also wants to impact the school dropout rate, with Leeryk stating that “we would like to not only make the students aware of the benefits of staying in school but give them a chance to exercise their other talents, by putting together a creative programme which would appeal to them.”

A job training programme is also on the agenda; the programme is one for students who are seeking employment after graduation.

The idea is for persons to be better equipped: “To know how to get into their field of choice and what to do to get into these areas; persons from different professions would coach them so they really get a feel for what is ahead,” the president said.

Like their predecessors, they connected with each other almost instantly, and all shared an undeniable hunger.

“It’s like a puzzle; to see results, you need every piece to fit perfectly and that’s what we are,” P.R.O. Tiah said.

They made one thing clear: they will not accept no for an answer.

Already, they’ve started making rounds, allowing others to become familiar with them; one thing’s for sure: they’re no benchwarmers.

Recently the group attended a peace conference and this is only the beginning for the members who have a lot more to cross off their list.

They’re green, but nonetheless, are certain that they have what it takes.

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